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Woman who lost two children in the collapsed 3 storeys building in Lagos Island commit suicide by drinking an insecticide known as Sniper. What a sad story.

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This blog is a result of an inspiration I got and a desired effort at getting people to look into the happenings around them affecting their daily lives and also interacting and sharing ideas together in order to find solutions to the anomalies that are now becoming the order of the day in this part of the world. Questions and stories or issues bothering us will be entertained from participants while others are expected to respond positively to those issues in form of ideas, advice and solutions to those issues in order to find solutions to them. Responses are entertained devoid of abuses, accusations, disrespect and derogatory statements. The goal of this site is to put heads together in solving problems affecting us irrespective of age,tribe, religion and ethnicity. Let’s find a common ground to fight our common enemies. Let’s make the world a better place.

Welcome on board

Welcome to my blog. Our aim and objective  is to share ideas, opinions and knowledge on issues affecting us daily. Questions on any issue are entertained which  people are expected to react to in form of advice suggestions or possible solutions to the issue. Let’s put our heads together as a common force to fight the menaces in our society.

Pls and pls, let’s try to be civil and matured in our discussions bearing in mind that we cannot all reason the same way. Abusive and derogatory statements will not be entertained. Let’s use this platform as a unifying ground to fight our common enemies, irrespective of tribe, culture, religion and ethnicity. The ultimate aim is to make the world a better place for us all to live in as one. Our destiny is in our hands, so let’s do the needful and take it back.